Libianca’s Biography: Early Life, Career Journey, Relationship and Net Worth.

Libianca's Biography: Early Life, Career Journey, Relationship and Net Worth.

Libianca Kenzonkinboum Fonji, professionally known as Libianca, is a Cameroonian and American singer, born in 2001. she has gained recognition for her exceptional vocal abilities, captivating compositions, and proficiency as a mixing engineer. Libianca is best known for her breakout Afrobeats single which she titled “People” in 2022. She competed in the 21st season of the American TV show “The Voice in 2021”.

Profile Summary

Real NameLibianca Kenzonkinboum Fonji
Stage NameLibianca
Date of Birthborn 2001
ProfessionMr. / Mrs. Fonji
Net Worth

Early Life

Libianca Kenzonkinboum Fonji was born in 2001 in Minneapolis, Minnesota. While she was four years old, her family experienced issues with immigration, due to that, her mother decided to have the family relocate to Bamenda, Cameroon, to avoid being deported.

Libianca's Biography: Early Life, Career Journey, Relationship and Net Worth.

She had an interest in music while growing up in Bamenda, she sang in Gospel choirs and learned how to play the guitar in the boarding school she attended.Libianca’s parents, Mr. Fonji resides in the USA while her mother, Mrs. Fonji resides in Cameroon. Mr. Fonji’s family size is unknown to the public at the moment.

Career Journey

She started off just singing and just loving to sing. She remembers her first babysitter. She was around five or six in Cameroon. The babysitter would be walking around and cleaning the house, and she would start singing. She just felt something whenever the babysitter sang, and she was like, “I want to be able to feel that way on my own.” So she just sang from there. Then she started writing songs around the ages of 10, 11.

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By the time she moved over to America, she kept writing songs, kept singing. She got involved in choir, pretty much anything music-related in school. Then she signed a local record deal when she was 15 or 16 for about a year. That was cool. She learned a lot about engineering, recording, and that’s when she decided that she wanted to be able to mix her own vocals. She wanted to be able to engineer herself in a studio and all that good stuff. And so she learned how to do it as the years went by.

Libianca's Biography: Early Life, Career Journey, Relationship and Net Worth.

In 2021, Libianca competed on the twenty-first season of NBC’s The Voice, where Blake Shelton was her coach. She made her way to the top 20 before being eliminated. Her covers of “Everything I Wanted” and “Woman” on the show were later released as singles via West Side Creative Agency.

Libianca signed to 5K Records and Sony in 2022. In December of that year, she released “People”, a song inspired by her cyclothymia. The song debuted at No. 2 on the US Billboard Afrobeats chart, at No. 1 in UK Afrobeats chart, peaked at No. 2 in UK Official chart, and received wide attention across social media. Libianca performed as an opening at Alicia Keys’ 2023 Keys to the Summer Tour.


Information about Libianca’s relationship status is unknown to the public.

Libianca's Biography: Early Life, Career Journey, Relationship and Net Worth.

It is unknown who Libianca is dating and if she’s dating at all. She seems to be focused on her music career.



Everything I Wanted



Special Lovin

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My Place

Thank You


Net Worth

Libianca has an estimated net worth of $200,000. Her income is derived from performing and singing on stage.

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