T.B. Joshua’s Biography

T.B. Joshua's Biography

Temitope Balogun Joshua popularly known as T.B. Joshua was a Nigerian Charismatic pastor and televangelist. He was born on June 12, 1963 and died on June 5, 2021.

T.B. Joshua was the general overseer of the Synagogue Church of All Nations (SCOAN) and he established the Emmanuel TV television station from Lagos State which had wide viewership. He was a known philanthropist and noted for helping the poor, needy as well as sponsoring people in various aspects.

Profile Summary

Name: Temitope Balogun Joshua

Date of Birth: June 12, 1963

Date of Death: June 5, 2021

State of Origin: Ondo State

Religion: Christianity

Nationality: Nigerian


T.B. Joshua was born on June 12, 1963, he was a native of Arigidi Akoko in Ondo State, Nigeria. Story has it that he spent 15 months in his mother’s womb which he claimed that miracles accompanied his birth. He was born into a Yoruba family mixed with both Christians and Muslims, his father was a Christian but he was raised by his Muslim uncle after he lost his father.

Joshua attended St. Stephen’s Anglican Primary School in Arigidi Akoko, Ondo State, (1971-1977).

He had only a year experience in secondary school before he left to work in a poultry farm.

In 1987, he started his church under the bridge linking Ejibo and Egbe in Lagos State with just a few members but later grew to have a large number of members within and outside Nigeria, Africa and Latin America. His passion for the Bible started while he was in school and due to that, he was given the name “small pastor”. He once attempted to join the Nigerian military but didn’t succeed due to a train breakdown that left him stranded.

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T.B. Joshua died on June 5, 2021 at his home in Lagos State, shortly after his Saturday night teaching.


After the death of T.B. Joshua, his wife Evelyn Joshua took over the church as the new leader.

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